Welcome! We are a family of five living in a fifth wheel trailer so we can stay together during medical school.

Little known fact: medical students usually do clinical rotations in their top residency choices during their fourth year of school. These are called audition rotations. For some lucky students the top residency choices are all in one area, maybe even close to their school. For other students, like my husband, the top sites are scattered all over the country.

That means a lot of traveling.

Our options were to stay put while Jake traveled for six months, or go with him, explore the country, and have many grand traveling adventures. So we bought a fifth wheel trailer and hit the road!

Toward the end of fourth year we decided to take a break from traveling the country and travel to the other side of the world. Jake set up two international rotations in Manila, Philippines. Jake had lived in the Philippines for two years before we were married. He spoke the language and loved the country and the people, so for foreign travel it was an obvious choice. Of course, I’m not one to let Jake go have adventures without me, so we packed up the whole family and went together.

Now we’re back in our homeland, and settled down in Pennsylvania . But no matter how stationary our life becomes, we will always love reminiscing, recording, and sharing this amazing journey.

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  1. Thanks for this blog, it is very encouraging. We are currently talking about doing the same thing with 3 kids while we turn 25 acres into a youth retreat.


    1. Wow, sounds like you guys are starting a huge adventure of your own! In our travels we met a lot of families living in RV’s while building houses. It’s pretty common. I definitely encourage you to fit in some traveling while you can take your home with you. It creates some great memories!


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