Living in a Trailer 

This is a rather crazy scheme my husband and I developed as a way to stick together during his fourth year of medical school. He’ll be doing audition rotations at potential residency sites all over the country.When we realized what fourth would bring we started plotting ways to stay together as a family. But as Jake’s career plans solidified we realized none of his top residency choices were anywhere near each other, and moving our whole family every month just didn’t seem possible. I started to accept the fact that the boys and I would be staying put while Jake left for six months.  

That’s when Jake came up with the plan. He came home from school one day saying he’d had an epiphany that would solve all our problems. We could simply buy a fifth wheel trailer and live in that!

Blank stare from me.

It took some convincing, but after talking to family members and reading blogs of people who lived on the road full time with families, I realized it was not only doable, but could be an incredible adventure. After months of research we found, and got a great deal on, our “dream home”. Now we’re looking forward to fourth year and all the marvelous adventures it will bring.

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