First Stop – Salem Oregon

I don’t know if it can technically be called a stop – more like our starting point. Jake did most of his third year rotations in Salem. We had a townhouse and lived there for nine months. But since we moved into our trailer about a month before leaving it was where we got our first taste of the RV life.

And it was beautiful.

This lovely RV resort was located just 10 minutes from the clinic where Jake was rotating. It had a swimming pool (which, unfortunately, was still closed for the winter while we were there), a basketball court, and lots of gorgeous trails.

Anyone remember these things?

There was even a little goldfish pond, which my boys loved.

And thanks to an unusually mild Oregon winter we got outside every day.

living in an rv with a family

This set up was so great for me and the boys. I tend to be a bit of a home body, so having a small space indoors, and so much beauty and room for the boys to run around outdoors, gave me great motivation to get out of the house. And I was always glad I did.

In short Salem, Oregon was a beautiful first stay in our new home, and a wonderful start to our travels.

If you lived on the road what would be your first destination?

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