Living in the Philippines

Seven years ago my husband, Jake, lived in the Philippines. He spent two years there on a service mission, learned the language, and got to know the culture. He loved it. He also happens to have a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law from Manila who have helped him keep up on his Tagalog and stay connected to the culture. In the six years that we’ve been married returning to the Philippines has been a constant topic of conversation.

When he started medical school Jake started researching international rotations. Which country to go to was never a question. He quickly realized that fourth year, after audition rotations and the residency match were over, would be the best time to go.

Of course I couldn’t let him travel to a foreign country on the other side of the globe without me (ok, I may have needed a little convincing), and in the midst of our travels around the country we hatched a plan to bring our entire family around the world. We’ll be in the Philippines for a total of three months. Jake will be doing 8 weeks of rotations in Manila, with 4 weeks of vacation after that.

International travel with three kids under five may sound like a recipe for disaster, but we’re confident that with planning, preparation, and vaccines we can make this an incredible experience.

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