Rizal Park and the National Museum


IMG_0408Since Jake has been going to a new hospital for almost all of his rotations this year, he’s gotten into the habit of asking the residents what there is to see and do in the area. When he asked the residents in Manila the first response was “Rizal Park”.

When we visited we understood why.

Jake compared it to the National Mall in D.C. It has statues, monuments, and is surrounded by government buildings and museums. Of course, there are a lot of fun things too, like an open auditorium with weekly concerts, a big light and music show in the fountain, and a huge playground. It took us a couple weeks to discover all of that, though.

On our first trip we focused on the statues.



And we took a casual ride around the park on this little train.

We knew we’d be back, so we took our time strolling, and didn’t try and rush to see everything.


That’s how we ended up at the National Museum. The building looked cool, so I asked what it was, and Jake relayed the question to the locals enjoying the park. When they told us it was a museum we went in for a look around.


Our nanny and I even got in for free because of international women’s day. Good timing!

There were a lot of neat exhibits featuring salvage from an old shipwreck of a Spanish vessel that didn’t quite make it to Manila, and examples of ancient native script from before the Spanish influence.

Of course, the boys’ favorite part was the replica of an Ifugao hut that they could touch and explore.

We exhausted ourselves exploring all the exhibits, but later Jake found out we weren’t even in the main building!

To finish things off we bought some kwek kwek (deep fried eggs) and melon juice from the local park vendors before heading home.

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