Adventures in Manila: Ocean Park Aquarium

IMG_0515Ocean Park is basically a mini Seaworld. It’s more than just an aquarium. It’s an experience. An experience that might be better enjoyed without three restless kids who lose interest in everything after 2.5 seconds, but still.

One of the great things about this park is, you can tailor your admission. If you’re looking for a small afternoon outing that won’t cost too much money you can just go to the aquarium, but if you’re willing to spend a little more there are shows, extra exhibits, and interactive experiences.


We got there before they opened, so we spent some time enjoying the bay.

Once we got into the aquarium we had a blast seeing all the exotic fish.

Of course, the boys’ favorite part was going through the tunnel, surrounded by giant stingrays and little sharks.


When we got the package with the “fish spa” I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was exactly what it sounded like! Apparently this is a real thing in real spas. For me it would be a waste of money since I couldn’t last more than five seconds without kicking, screaming, and basically having a heart attack due to overly ticklish feet. Seriously, this is real torture.

The seal shows were cool, but again, we were dealing with a 2.5 second attention span.



The jellyfish were, by far, my favorite exhibit. The colorful lights and mirrors made the whole thing absolutely fascinating.

The boys did love the creepy crawlies exhibit, which, between my fear of spiders and our nanny’s fear of snakes, was basically a nightmare zone. Someone thought they were being really funny putting the cockroach exhibit in a replica of a kitchen. *shiver*

Despite the boys’ restlessness we decided to come back at night for the light and water show. We were really nervous about this, but wanted to get our money’s worth. We were glad we did! The boys were mesmerized and actually sat through the whole thing.

Plus, we got to experience traveling through the Manila at night. Apparently it’s really hard to find taxis after dark. We ended up taking a kalesa (horse and cart), through the city. Definitely a new experience!

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