Riverfest 2015

2015-05-23 13.12.29

One of the things I love to do when traveling is participating in local events. There’s something magical about a whole town or city coming together for an annual celebration. There’s that sense of tradition, of coming together, mingling with the smell of fried foods and popcorn drifting through the air. The kids walk around with colorful cotton candy and colorful balloons, both of which will be gone far too soon.

At the annual Riverfest in Farmington, New Mexico, we experienced all that and more.

When we first arrived at the park we got a taste of the community’s agricultural heritage. At the entrance was a small petting zoo with some local farm animals. Next to that was a tent featuring some awesome antique farm machinery with demonstrations by the locals. And when we were done exploring these a tractor pulled wagon transported us to the other attractions.

Farther into the park things became more adventurous. With a little prodding and kid arranging Jake and I signed up for the river rafting experience. The river that cuts through the park is pretty tame, perfect for a spur of the moment adventure for someone who hasn’t been rafting in a few years. The guides came down from Durango, Colorado for the day, where they do their usual tours on a much more extreme part of the river.


2015-05-23 13.12.01

They also gave us interesting info on the career of a school bus. Apparently, when busses become too old and unreliable to be used by the public school system they are sold to the prisons. Then, when they become to crappy for the criminals, they’re sold to the rafting companies. Luckily, our ride on the bus wasn’t very long!

The nearby dog shelter had a brilliant scheme of walking their dogs through the park with “adopt me” vests on. We were sorely tempted by one. My other favorite thing was the abundance of local craft, which included a lot of beautiful Native American artwork.

We wrapped things up with kids crafts, delicious food, and browsing the shops. All in all, a perfect day in the park.

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