Undoubtedly, one of the coolest things about the southwest are the rocks. Having grown up visiting Southern Utah every summer, I’m no stranger to the amazing things nature can do to earth and stone, but I always love discovering new creations. These incredible formations, and their geologic implications are astounding. In New Mexico there were a lot of cool rocks, but my favorite, by far, was Shiprock.

2015-06-06 13.59.58

This was not something we drove far to, or had to pay a fee to see. Shiprock itself is visible from most of the main roads, and we only drove a short way on a back road to get this amazing view.

Not only is the rock itself a massive tower worthy of awe, the strange wall of stone jutting out of one side is almost ethereal in the flat desert landscape. One could almost look at this geologic formation and think it was an ancient ruin.


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