Adventures in Colorado

2015-05-06 10.28.14 (1)

In the midst of our time in New Mexico we abandoned our fifth wheel and did a good, old fashioned family visit in Colorado. Jake was invited to attend a conference and, since we both had siblings in the area, we decided to go as a family. He spent the week with his brother in Denver. I took my kids to visit my sister in Lafayette, near Boulder.

I have three kids. My sister also happens to have three kids. That’s six kids. Under six. In one house. On top of that, neither of us had access to a car during the day. Fortunately, Lafayette is a very kid and pedestrian friendly town. We spent the whole week walking and biking to parks, the libraries, and museums.

This boulder themed playground was an instant favorite with me and my kids. What kid doesn’t love climbing around on big rocks?

2015-05-04 10.57.58

Of course, there were more traditional playgrounds as well. We were able to walk to three from her house.

2015-05-07 11.59.42 (1)

The children’s museum was huge, with lots of room for the kids to imagine, learn, and play.

But I think for Simon the highlight was being able to ride bikes around town with his older cousin.

2015-05-07 10.41.18 (1)

Turns out Colorado isn’t just beautiful, it’s also a great place to visit or live.

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