Visiting Utah

2015-06-11 19.29.27

Ah Utah, the place of all my best childhood memories. Every time I see those great rocky mountains I know I’m home. Although I’ve chosen to travel the country and live life on the road, there is still something special about coming home. And coming home with your own house in tow is the way to go!

My older sister lives in a rural area and has a nice, long, gravel driveway that fit our trailer perfectly. It was a beautiful place to park, with horse pastures behind us, and a great view of my beloved mountains in front. There was lots of space for the kids to play with their cousins, and we had our own living space while being able to go in and visit any time.

In short, it was perfection.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to slow down and enjoy that perfection as much as I would have liked. We set up Utah as our resident state, so I spent way too much time running around changing addresses, squeezing in well check appointments for the kids, etc. Still, we managed to have a great time anyway. Any time with family is a great time in my book.

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