Tests, a Visitor, and Foster Lake


What can turn a week of med school testing into a week of vacation? How about parking on the shores of a gorgeous lake?

After our adventures in New Mexico we had to go back to Oregon for Jake’s didactic testing. But we made the most of it by finding a quiet little park next to a quiet little lake.

There’s nothing like a beautiful view after a long day at school.


We also had a visitor! My family reunion happened to be in Oregon as well, so we offered my Stepmom a ride and an extra week visiting with yours truly. She even celebrated her birthday with us. Simon had a blast picking the wild daisies that grew by the lake and giving her a birthday bouquet.


Now, some of you might think that living in a 5th wheel trailer would automatically exclude you from having any visitors…ever. Au contraire. We had the back room all set up for her, complete with reclining chairs and unlimited access to a (small) washer and dryer.


It was here that we also discovered another gem of campground life. The ramps leading up to and down from the bathrooms. Seriously, they could go up and down those things all day.


All in all, not a bad way to spend a week of testing (at least, coming from the person who didn’t actually have to take any of the tests). If you had to take a test, but could choose where to take it, where would you go?


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