Our Beach Camping (Mis)Adventure


At this point in our lives we were slowly falling in love with our nomadic lifestyle, and wanted to show off just how cool it was to my Mom. So, on our way up the Oregon coast, heading to our family reunion, we decided to stop at South Beach State Park for a night.

In my mind I pictured pulling into a perfect spot after a long day of driving, doing a quick setup, and taking a relaxing stroll to the beach in the evening.

That’s not exactly what happened.


After some finagling to get our huge trailer into a tight spot we took the actual amount of time it takes to set up (not so quick) and finally started our half mile hike to the beach.

And discovered mosquitoes.

Lots of mosquitoes.

Seriously, swarms and swarms of mosquitoes!

We were beyond relieved when we got heard the waves crashing, and the trees gave way to this beautiful view.


Nothing like some time in the sand to quell bug induced trauma.

We saw a jetty in the distance and decided to go take a look. The boys had a blast watching the fishing boats coming into the harbor.


Then we had a problem. The sun was going down. It was starting to get dark. Faced with the prospect of walking through mosquito soup again we decided we had already gone far enough to just walk around the park, instead of cutting back through.

Turns out, it was a lot farther than we thought it would be. After a lot of walking, wondering, and trying to get the boys to stop hiding in the tall grass, we made it home, tired, hungry, and glad to be done with our (mis)adventure.


What outdoor (mis)adventures have you had?

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