Pre-Reunion Festivities on the Oregon Coast

2015-06-20-16-03-19 Ah, the Oregon coast.

Be still my beating heart.

A place of insurmountable beauty.

And coldness.

But mostly beauty.


After our mishaps camping at the beach we met up with my sister and her family and explored Newport.

First we went a little South to check out Seal Beach. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but we did see some seals sunning themselves on the rocks.


We also had a great time wading in the water and exploring tide pools…until my poor little niece fell completely in! We took that as our cue to dry off and get into warm cars.

The next day we went to the Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site where we had a good view of the lighthouse, and made friends with some anemones.


After that we headed to lunch. We ate at a generic, chain buffet, but the view was spectacular.


We decided to hit one last beach before heading out. We had a blast watching some people kitesurfing (not going to lie, I had to Google this sport to find the name).


Of course, the kids just enjoyed running through freezing water, while icy wind cut through their soaking jackets.

Seriously. They enjoyed it. We had to drag them away.

The Oregon coast may not have the warmest beaches in the world, but it’s beautiful, peaceful, and we love it.


What’s your favorite beach?

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