Family Reunion in a Fifth Wheel

There are a lot of perks to living on the road. The travel, the flexibility, the freedom. But one of my favorite things is the ability to visit family without ever leaving home.

Even with us being on a strict schedule with Jake’s medical rotations this was still true.

Without a stick house pinning us down, Jake was not only able to schedule his elective rotations down in New Mexico by his family, but also scheduled his final rotation in the small Oregon town where my family was having our reunion, just so I could go (how’s that for an awesome husband?!).


And, while I’ve always been one to make fun of “glamping”, it was awesome to have all the comforts of home at out fingertips.

No packing, unpacking, squishing food products into coolers, or reminding kids they can only bring one toy. Just pull in, plug in, and say, “hey, here we are, with our house!”

Ok, enough bragging (just trying to show you all how awesome, and not crazy, we are), here are the real highlights of the week.

  1. The kids getting to hang out with their cousins. Let’s face it, there aren’t any better friends in the world.


2. Mini golfing at the KOA with Grandma. We don’t stay at KOA’s very often, mainly because they typically don’t have monthly rates, so we took advantage of the fun amenities while we could.

3. The beach! If you read my last post you know how much I love Oregon beaches, despite the less than tropical climate (notice the assortment of swimsuits and sweaters), and during this reunion we definitely visited some beauties. More on this to come…


4. Chillin’ with my family. Especially in the evenings, when Jake was done at the hospital. We’ve lived away from my family through the four years of medical school, with four years of residency ahead, so getting to sit around and chat with my siblings is always a treat. Of course, it helped to have some outdoor entertainment for the kids so we could chat uninterrupted. Not bragging again. I promise.


What would your ideal family reunion look like?

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