Ecola State Park, Oregon

During our family reunion in Astoria we all took a drive down to a gorgeous beach in the Ecola State Park.

Of course, I almost had a heart attack getting there. Trying to navigate a one ton, dually pick up truck, that is basically my husband’s fourth child, along windy narrow roads is not my favorite thing.

But in the end it was definitely worth the drive.


One of my favorite thing about Oregon beaches is the contrast. The pine covered hills on the edge of a sandy beach. The steep hills surrounding this beach make it feel like a true escape from the rest of the world.

Despite the beauty, as I’ve mentioned before, Oregon beaches are fa-reeeezing! Good thing kids just don’t care. All the cousins had a blast playing in the water.


After a good amount of running in the waves and digging in the sand we went to check out the rocks in the distance, and were glad we did! Plenty of tidal pools with snails, crabs, and barnacles made for happy campers!


Finally, after a fun filled day of swimming, exploring, and trying (and failing) to brush all the sand off our snacks before feeding the children, we loaded up and headed back to camp.

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