A birthday and a Playground


About a month into our Philippines adventure we celebrated our little boy’s third birthday. We returned to Rizal Park and found a tucked away playground we hadn’t even noticed on our first couple of visits.

Now, I have a bit of a confession. I am a playground geek. As a mom and a former teacher I know the value of a well constructed playground, and realize that not all play equipment can entertain kids equally. That’s why when I see a playground that’s especially fun and/or creative in design, it makes me happy in my soul.


By that criteria, this playground was a goldmine.

It was bright and colorful. Some of the equipment was designed to resemble nature, like these “tree” slides…

There was an entire section designated to sea monsters, volcanos, and dinosaurs.


There were structures reminiscent to nursery rhymes, like a big hallow pumpkin, and this giant shoe-house.


This enclosed slide just made me laugh.


As a special birthday treat we bought these flying, wind-up, rubber band powered birds from one of the wandering vendors. They were actually really cool, and only 50 pesos (about $1). I didn’t mind having an excuse to buy them.


It turned out this is a popular park for middle school girls to hang out after school, and our little American boys were basically celebrities.

Back home we finished off the day with a cake from the Red Ribbon bakery.

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