Exploring Astoria, Oregon

One of the difficulties of being a traveling student family was not having a lot of control over our schedule. One thing I did like, though, was staying in each place for about a month. It was enough time to finish seeing the obvious touristy places, and move on to exploring.

2015-06-27 15.09.00

And one Saturday in Astoria we did just that.

2015-06-27 14.54.42

We walked along the wharf and took the kids out onto the pier, which they thought was fascinating.

We also took a trolly along the coastline.

And crossed the famous Astoria bridge into Washington.

2015-06-27 16.56.16

What is your favorite part of exploring new places?

2 thoughts on “Exploring Astoria, Oregon

  1. We made a pit stop in Astoria on our road trip! It’s such a quaint little fishing town. I loved the colorful little houses on the hillside. I wish I had known there was a trolley, that would have been fun! We went to the Astoria column then swung by the beach to see the shipwreck. Great town!


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