Paco Park

IMG_2486 When you’re a tourist you tend to plan adventures every chance you get. You study maps, memorize addresses and routes, and carefully choose a mode of transportation. And other times you come across cool stuff completely by accident.

Our discovery of Paco Park was the latter.

We found this beautiful park one day after church, while trying to catch a taxi. We couldn’t find one on the small street, so we decided to walk down the road to a bigger one. And there on the intersection was this amazing park!


While inside we discovered the park had once been a cemetery, and was the original resting place of the famous Jose Rizal, a political martyr.


According to Wikipedia the cemetery was commissioned in 1807 in response to a cholera outbreak, but was closed in 1912 and the bodies were exhumed and moved to other cemeteries. Throughout the park there are monuments and inscriptions on the wall dedicated to the people who were originally buried there.

At the back there is a lovely domed chapel dedicated to St. Pancratius.


In recent years the former cemetery has been converted to a public park, with gorgeous grounds. It turned out to be the perfect place for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon.

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