The Fourth of July and Fireworks on the Beach


2015-07-04 11.12.31


Celebrating the fourth of July in a small coastal town was a blast (pun totally intended). We started off by going to the local parade. Coincidentally, this was the second time we’ve been to this parade, since we had a family reunion here, on the fourth of July, two years earlier.

2015-07-04 10.35.21 HDR


After the parade we checked out some local restaurants, since driving our huge dually truck in a small town right after a parade wasn’t happening.

Once the traffic died down a little we hit the beach. We found a nice sandy spot to watch fireworks and let the kids play.



Jake’s brother and his family spent the day driving so they could join us for the festivities. It was a blast to see them! to watch fireworks. Our boys loved hanging out with their six cousins, most
of whom are older, and who they think are just the coolest. In the meantime, us grownups got to chat and enjoy the sunset.


I have to admit, the fireworks themselves were a bit of a let down. I grew up in a small town where all the local families would get together every year for fireworks over the lake. I expected fireworks on the beach to be equally magical. But it was crowded, some of our neighbors were not entirely sober, and people (mostly the not sober people) setting off their own fireworks
around us made the air incredibly smokey.

IMG_1332BUT it was a new experience, an adventure, and being with family made it fun no matter what. Plus, we discovered that our trailer can sleep 13 people (as long as some of those people are small and don’t mind sharing a bunk)!

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