Manila Bay


I am what some might call, directionally challenged. I get lost. A lot. Also, I grew up in small town, and have never been very comfortable in big cities.

So I was more than a little nervous about spending two months in Manila. I spent hours studying google maps before we went, trying to get a feel for where our apartment would be, and what would be around it. But it still took me weeks just to become familiar with the few blocks directly around our apartment building.

Naturally, it was Jake who realized that rather than taking a taxi to Rizal Park, we could take a lovely walk along the bay that would lead us right there.


Sometimes we saw families swimming and fishing.

And then drying their fish on the barrier.


I may not be a huge fan of big cities, but I do love exploring new places, and becoming familiar and comfortable in new surroundings. I’m glad we spent enough time in Manila to start discovering its treasures.


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