Hiking in the Redwoods – Fern Canyon


When we decided we were going to make the Redwoods happen, we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time there. Jake had just finished a rotation in Astoria, Oregon, and we had less than a week to drive to L.A. for his next rotation.

When you want to see the world, but are crunched for time, you have to prioritize. We could easily have spent a week exploring all the Redwoods have to offer, but we had less than 24 hours. Jake had never been to the Redwoods, and hadn’t been there since I was 12, so we sought outside help.


We called Jake’s aunt, who we knew had been a couple of times, and she recommended we hike Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. I’m so glad she did! This hiking trail wasn’t even on our radar when we looked at the maps, but it turned out to be absolutely incredible.


The canyon itself was narrow, with steep cliffs on either side. I’ve been through similar canyons before, but the gorgeous greenery here was a huge contrast to the sandstone Narrows and Slot Canyons in Southern Utah.


There was a shallow creek running through the center, with makeshift bridges that the kids loved crossing.


There were also huge fallen trees here and there that involved some maneuvering.

We didn’t do the whole hike, since it was getting late, but hiking back out with the sunset filtering through the trees was the perfect end to a great day.


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