Our Stay in L.A.


At the end of our beautiful drive down the 101 we came to the great city of Los Angeles. And by great I mean large, not, you know, great.

I know, I know, some of you love the city of angels, but for a couple small town folk who love nothing more than a quiet countryside, it can be a bit overwhelming. The heat, the traffic, the noise, the heat. Did I mention the heat?

All right, that last one was partially our fault. The only time Jake could get an audition rotation here was the middle of summer, and one of our AC units went out right when we got here. Since it took most of the time we were in California to get it fixed, heat was a big problem.

But we still found ways to have a good time and took every chance we could to beat the heat.


In the day we spent our time huddled under our single A.C. unit, but when evening came we emerged for walks around the R.V. park.


We also kept our freezer well stocked.


Unfortunately, our park didn’t have a playground or swimming pool (something that became much more important to me after this experience), but it did have a great climbing tree right next to our spot.


Big cities may not be our thing, but learning to deal with a new place was an experience and, as always, an adventure.

2015-07-28 19.45.55

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