The Martyrdom of Jose Rizal and a Light Show in the Park

IMG_20160324_171546 We went to Rizal Park regularly while we were in Manila. When we discovered this amazing playground we spent most of our park time there.  It’s a huge park, though, and we knew we wanted to finish exploring it before we left.

In our explorations we discovered this tribute to the Martyrdom of Jose Rizal, the Filipino hero who the park is named after.

There was a huge carved mural depicting major events from Rizal’s life.


There was also a wall with Rizal’s final words, titled My Farewell, etched in Tagalog, English, and Spanish.


And last, but not least, the life-size statues of Rizal in his moment of death, and the firing squad that killed him.




Since it was evening by the time we were done, we decided to stick around for the light show in the fountain everyone had told us about. There was already a good crowd of families picnicking on the grass, waiting for the show to start, so we bought some hotdogs from the vendors that line the sidewalks, and joined them.


The light show was great. There were colored lights shining on bursts of mists from the fountain, coordinated with music. It’s not something you can get a good picture of with cell phone cameras, but we gave it a shot.


Since it’s hard to find taxis at night we went ahead and walked home. We made up for saving money on the taxi by stopping at Jolibee’s for dessert. Totally worth it.

There are probably still sections of Rizal park that we didn’t see, but we were glad we got to see these highlights before we left. Maybe someday we’ll get to go back see if there was anything we missed!





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