Our Home on Wheels

Update: After a year of glorious adventuring we are ready to settle down. Looking to start a travel adventure of your own? We’re selling our trailer! Check out our ad here.

Introducing our beautiful Voltage 3900 5th wheel toy hauler!

2015-07-17 15.05.55

This was our dream model and we got a great deal on it. Our budget was small, but we had to compromise that with durability. This Voltage was within our price range (with some negotiation), and looked like it could stand up to our exuberant toddlers. And it didn’t hurt that the interior is absolutely beautiful.

Our efficient kitchen
Our efficient kitchen
Our spacious living room
Our spacious living room
The master bedroom
The master bedroom
The boys' bedroom...
The boys’ bedroom…
and dining room...
and dining room…
and laundry room…
and patio
and patio
2015-06-22 20.16.53
And we love our Outdoor Theater

Yep, there’s no place like home!


7 thoughts on “Our Home on Wheels

  1. When you guys are done with 4th year do you want to sell us your 5th wheel? 🙂 We have been talking a lot about this but I am super nervous! 🙂


  2. If we don’t decide to live in it forever! This is a great way to do audition rotations, but there is a lot to take into consideration. We’ve found that will our lifestyles and personalities this has been better than living in a townhouse or apartment.


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